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13th May 2014 - Brownies planted a Wild Flower Garden in the grounds of the Church.  They spent the evening sowing the seeds in a section of the Garden.  We are looking forward to seeing the flowers grow over the next few months.  In July we will be adding our own 'home made' Insect 'Hotel' which we are going to making whilst on Pack Holiday

St Oswald's Brownies were asked to help fundraise for Diabetes Uk by Tesco - Hill Street, Blackburn


We helped over two seperate weekends in the year (2013) the first 'Stepping up' Mount Kilimanjaro - we had to do as many steps as possible during the two days whilst carrying a very heavy rucksack a couple of the Guides joined us on this challenge.  Click on the photo below to see more photos of the day. 

The second weekend we were again joined by a couple of the Guides for our Hoola Hooping Challenge.  Mrs Hood and Kirsty helped with Face Paining, we also sold raffle tickets for the huge Monkey and encouraged Tesco's customers to eat healthy by serving with fruit (oh and the popcorn and donuts)

Click on the photo below to see more photos of the day.


Our Rainbows have spaces for girls aged 5 and 6 years old please get in touch 
Rainbows enjoyed their Art Attack Day starting work towards an Arts Award - we hope to be able to carry this on in our weekly meetings from Setpember

Brownies enjoyed their yearly Brownie Holiday full of exciting activities.  2015 saw us visit Hogwarts (Bibbys Farm) - look at the photos we had so much fun !  Hogwarts 2015

Our photos from Thinking Day 2014 BEE Happy
Brownies fundraising for Diabetes Uk at Tesco
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