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We are so happy to see a girl earn a badge in her free time, it shows a real commitment.  But also if a Brownie doesn't want to work on badges that is her choice too, that is why they're called interest badges. 


Some badges we work on as a unit however there are some badges which can only be done as an individual the girls can have their teacher / instructor test them and sign the book / sheet for Brown Owl.- here are some examples:-

Do you attend swimming lessons?  If you can swim a length in front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke you should be able to complete this badge. Click the badge to see all the clauses, print it off and take it with you for your swimming teacher to sign. 

Or perhaps you attend dance lessons.  If you hold a grade 1 certificate or something similar you're half way there!  Click on the badge to check the clauses, print it off and ask your dance instructor to sign it. 

Are you thinking of learning a new sport at school or with family or friends ?  Then click on the badge look at the clauses and once complete bring everything into Brownies to show your six and we will award you the badge. 

Click on the Badges banner to view all the Brownie Badges


Our Rainbows have spaces for girls aged 5 and 6 years old please get in touch 
Rainbows enjoyed their Art Attack Day starting work towards an Arts Award - we hope to be able to carry this on in our weekly meetings from Setpember

Brownies enjoyed their yearly Brownie Holiday full of exciting activities.  2015 saw us visit Hogwarts (Bibbys Farm) - look at the photos we had so much fun !  Hogwarts 2015

Our photos from Thinking Day 2014 BEE Happy
Brownies fundraising for Diabetes Uk at Tesco
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